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Nowadays, almost all people in the world use internet in their daily lives. It made our life easier: Easy to communicate, easy to shopping, easy to get entertainment and information, even easy to study. But one thing for sure, internet also made us easy to being a coward.

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Centuries ago, being a sexy woman was nearly called a slut and it is a sin. Now, being sexy has become parts of business, especially entertainment industry that sells. Well, I’m not a sexy type girl (I’m more a conservative one), but it just interesting to make a review of these hot sexy ladies. One thing that makes me interested is that there are different thoughts about being sexy in Asia. Some say, reveal more on your upper body to bring the sexiness, some said show your sexy legs, and some of them just combine it all.

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GLBT or stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender has become a common thing in today’s life even in Asia. However, it is still a sensitive issue in some of the region. What makes the words ‘what the hell’ pops up in my mind is that this issue has become somewhat entertaining to the fans. They even made that up just to please the fans, which I’m more confused is.. well, they like it!

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Hellooooo people. ^^/~~ Well, this blog is going to dig everything about Asia, from Korean Wave to J-pop and maybe ends in Bollywood. As you know, Asia known as the biggest continent in the world (literally) and also big in cultures. Asia is like a culture mining that will never be dry unless we move to mars.

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As an Asian, I really would like to share thoughts about Asia itself, since Asia is hell big with its billions of culture that some of them proven contaminating (e.g Korean Wave, japanese popular culture). Asia Now was basically inspired by bloggers friends and the book "Media Now" but more focused on what happen in Asia today (esp. entertainment, culture, travel, and media). No, I don't want to be too serious here, the more witty you are the better.

"Gee".. "Sorry-sorry" for talking too serious, because "A day in our live" should be filled with "Honey" too make it sweet. Well, let's "Share The World". (Blaaah.. I'm so bad at this T_T)


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